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 Start texting using Millennium in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out this form to open a free trial messaging account
  2. In your Millennium enter the username and password of your messaging account.
  3. You are ready to START texting!


To add text messaging capability to your Millennium software you need to have a messaging account with MillenniumSMS and to configure your Millennium to access this online service. This is done in three simple steps:

  1. Open a new on-line account with MillenniumSMS
  2. Configure your Millennium software for sending (see below)
  3. (optional) Configure your MillenniumSMS account to forward SMS replies to your Millennium (see below)

Your Millennium sends text messages by connecting to your MillenniumSMS account via the Internet. It uses your Username and Password to authenticate requests. Before your Millennium can send text messages of any kind you need to link it with your MillenniumSMS account. Here is how:

  1. Open your Millennium software and go to Data -> Business Information menu
  2. Business Information screen opens. Once there, click on Preferences and then on Millennium.SMS tab
  3. On the Millennium.SMS tab, click on the Format Message to enter the text of the message that will be sent to your customers when Millennium sends appointment reminders

  4. Click OK
  5. Select Upside Wireless and then enter your messaging account username and password

  7. Click Save

You are now done - you can send text messages from your Millennium to your Customers

For in-depth explanation of the setup process of your Milllennium software, please download this comprehensive Setup document in PDF

Your customers may send replies to your confirmation alerts. When they do, your Millennium will automatically collect these messages and based on their content update Appointment Book screen. When someone replies with Y or Yes, the associated appointment record will change color to green.

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